Review: CIRIDIAN -”No More Heroes”

“No More Heroes”
Genre: Metalcore
Release Date: June 11th 2013
Rating: 9.5/10


Back in the Im A Stain Zine days ( late 2011) I stumbled across a 5 piece band from Clewiston (FL), We Are The Messengers. Immediately I fell in love with this band, at the time they had so much potential. A little while later they changed their name to Ciridian. They have been working on this EP for some time now. After listening to it constantly for over a week now, I’m just blown away by how much they have grown. It comes to show with persistence and determination you can accomplish anything.


The EP starts off with pretty much a intro track entitled, “Impressions”. This is a very good name for this track, cause it does exactly what the name states. It gives you an overall impression and feel of who Ciridian are, minus Jacob’s (Bass/Vocals) impressive clean vocals. Personally I’m very proud of Jacob. His vocals have really developed since this band has started. Immediately after Quinn opens up “Dreamers Disease” with some crucial screams, he definitely some what reminds me of Fronz’s (Attila) fast paced style.


Next on “No More Heroes” is my personal favorite track, “Sleeper Cell”. I am a fan of two stepping and this song leaves plenty of room for that. Chandler & Johnathan show their mastered guitar techniques more than any song on the EP. Best part is before the breakdown when Quinn growls out “Just like gravity, ill bring it to the ground”. The song transitions perfectly into the next track “Praying Mantia”, which opens up with a calming piano melody. I have never seen so much potential and transition in drumming technique that I see in Zach Thomas (drums). In this song it show greater than others.


Following after comes, “My Last Story”, which is probably my least favorite track on the EP. The beginning felt cliché and repetitive. That changes about a minute into the song. Jacob brings on some gnarly bass riffs an the song picks up and leads into an intense guitar solo (short but intense).  The EP ends with “The Second 21st”. This song shows the best of Jacobs cleans and with its very catchy vibe it stands out from the rest of the EP.


Overall, I am blown away by this release. The best part is the way the whole thing transitions and makes it perfect for a complete listen through time and time again. This is a band that has grown and overcome many things and they show it in their message. Dream, strive, and never let anyone bring you down. You can overcome anything, put your heart into it.



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